Summer In My Heart – August 6, 2015

I am please to announce that my 4th album “Summer in my heart” is released as digital download and streaming in iTunes, spotify and etc. please check it out.

Journey Of 3 Seasons – October 14, 2013

Journey of 3 Seasons schedule to be release in October 2013:

Journey of 3 Seasons is a compilation of the best works of critically acclaimed instrumentalist Eric Chiryoku taken from the best-selling albums “Winter Story”, “Spring Of Life” and “Autumn Journey”.

One of the finest new age classical musician to emerge in recent years, Eric Chiryoku’s unique blend of pop and folk-oriented music in soundtrack-style stretches the imagination of the listener. Get ready to be caressed by some of the most innovative piano, flute and violin mood compositions.

Eric Chiryoku’s first release ‘Winter Story’ won widespread critical acclaim around the world. He subsequently released another 2 albums “Spring of Life” and “Autumn Journey” which found popularity among new age and instrumental fans.

Eric was awarded two International Online Music Award nominations for Best Composer and Best Male Solo Artist Awards. He was also nominated for Best Instrumental Soundtrack Award for the song “Winter Story”.
2012 “Autumn Journey” Is Out! – May 22, 2012

Dear fans,

After a long 5 years wait, my third instrumental album is finally released at all Gramophone outlet (Singapore). Please support my music album so that i can continue to write new music. For international customers, you can buy my CD online at: Please check it out, music preview will be available soon. :)

Eric Chiryoku
Spring Of Life – December 12, 2006

Spring Of LIife album is schedule to be released before Chrsitmas.

Internet Collaboration With Australian Producer David Pendragon – September 23, 2006
Canberra Australia (PRWEB) September 15, 2006 — As the world we live in is torn apart by war and conflict all around, a dedicated group of musicians, whose locations are scattered around the globe have been pulled together as one in the name of peace and hope for the future. TribeWorld Ensemble, made up of 32 different musicians, each on his or her own continent, but drawn together through the power of the internet, and the vision of one man, have created a World first in the music and recording industry, and established a template that a few of our World leaders might do well to learn from.

David Pendragon, winner of the International Online Music Awards “Producer Of The Year” honours for 2006, has succeeded in creating the first full-length double music CD, using the internet as the primary means of file transfer and collaboration with musicians on four different Continents. The product of over two years effort, the CD, labelled “The Journey” after the metaphorical process of it’s creation, is comprised of 24 pristine tracks of crystal clear audio production that experts in the field of recording are completely amazed by.

“The fact that this was all done over the web is astounding’ said Don Newton, President of the Independent Internet Musician’s Association, ’If I hadn’t heard it with my own ears, I would have sworn this was a full blown professional recording done in a world class studio, the sound quality is amazing, I honestly never thought this would be possible.”

The musicians who make up TribeWorld Ensemble are as diverse in their backgrounds as the countries they call home. Percussionists from the United States and Great Britain, violinists and cellists from Canada, vocalists from Australia, and a pianist from Singapore just to name a few. Some of them, like Ernie Van Veen (guitarist), and Eric Chiryoku (orchestral arrangements and piano) are award winning artists in their own right.

Due for physical release in February/March of 2007, Pendragon has decided to pre-release the album on the internet in the form of digital downloads. The website is another extension of the “Journey” represented by the CD, and is being lauded in many circles as a work of art in itself. The address of the site is

Also currently in production is a one hour television documentary following the core group of musicians and the producer on their” Journey” as they create the music from this unique set of albums

The physical CD release will be accomplished by an invitation-only, online release party. Details of the release party will be forthcoming later this year.

“Winter Story” The Album, Official Launch On 6th Of June 2005 – May 31, 2005
I’m please to announe that “Winter Story” the music album will be released on 6th of june 2005, it’ll also be available at cdbaby and soundclick.
Please check it out!